Levels of trade

Levels of trade in OXOMI represent the three-stage sales channel and are named according to sales divisions: wholesale, retail and end customer.

Their purpose is to control the access rights for documents and videos. This ensures that documents, which are only intended for internal use by the wholesaler, can not be viewed by retailers and end users.

Levels of trade can be found at two points in the system - within the content-area (as attribute of documents and videos) and as attribute of portals. In both cases, the levels of trade define the intended user group (wholesale contents and portals are only determined to wholesale employees, etc.). By comparing the  documents () and  videos () level of trade with the  portals () level, the system decides whether the content is imported into the portal.

Wholesale portals include wholesale, retail and end user content. Whereas in retail portals only retail and end user content will be found. End customer portals will solely receive content with the same level of trade.

Note: The wholesale and retail levels of trade also include the access rights of the levels below: What an end customer may see, may also be seen by retailers and wholesalers.



Confidential documents, which are exclusively indicated for wholesale employees. A net price list is a typical example.


Documents that may be seen by retailers, craftsmen or other commercial customers. A typical example is an installation manual.

End customer:

Recommended setting if content should be accessible for everyone such as catalogs, brochures or product videos.

Access rules

The levels of trade

Example #1

If a portal has the level of trade wholesale, then documents of all three levels (wholesale, retail and end customer) will be imported.

Note: A portal, which requires no login (that is public), is always an end customer portal.

Example #2

A portal with the level retail will only import documents with the level retail and end customer. Documents with the level wholesale won't be imported into this portal.

Application examples

Net price list (Document)

Purpose A Net price list should be provided for the wholesale trade.
Solution Upload the document with the level of trade wholesale into the system.
Description Accordingly, the document appears only in portals with level wholesale. This price list will not be shown to retailers or end users.

Installation manual (Document)

Purpose As a manufacturer, you want to provide an installation manual for craftsmen. This is uninteresting for the end customer.
Solution Upload the document with the level of trade retail into the system.
Description In this way, the installation manual is only provided in portals for retailers and wholesalers. This document will not be shown to end customers.

Product catalog (Document)

Purpose A product catalog should be uploaded and shared for end users.
Solution Upload the document with the level of trade end customer into the system.
Description Hereby, the product catalog is available for wholesalers, retailers and end customers.

Intranet portal (Portal)

Purpose You want to use documents from a manufacturer internally so that only the employees of your company can access them within the company's intranet.
Solution You need a portal with the level of trade wholesale.
Description That way, all documents of all levels will be imported into your portal.

Shop portal (Portal)

Purpose You want to integrate documents from a portal into a business-to-business shop.
Solution You need a portal with the level of trade retail.
Description Thus, only the documents of the level retail and end customer will be imported into the portal.

Public portal without login (Portal)

Purpose You want to provide product catalogs to your end customers in a public portal.
Solution You need a portal with the level of trade end customer.
Description In this way, all documents of the level end customer will be imported into the portal. The access for documents with the level retail and wholesale is denied and they will not be imported.

Adjustment of levels of trade

Anyone who uploads content into the system has to specify the level of trade. Wholesaler are not allowed to downgrade the level of trade choosen by the manufacturer (e.g. from wholesale to end customer). However, an upgrade of levels of trade is always possible (e.g. from end customer to retail). Therefore, the levels of trade can be adjusted via import rules within portals.

Adjust levels of trade

Please note that downloading documents and sending “Paperclips” with the level of trade wholesale can be indicated with a warning or can be deactivated, if requested.

Paperclip level of trade settings