Documents are the core content in OXOMI. Documents are catalogs, brochures, price lists, flyers and more. For a list of the possible applications, see the  Overview of document types. It is important that documents are provided in PDF format.

OXOMI expands the display of PDF files by an enormously fast full-text search, which is able to search thousands of PDF pages at once. This way you will always find what you need immediately.

Thanks to the permission management, consisting of  Levels of trade,  Partner roles and  Portal roles (link coming soon), you can control exactly who receives your uploaded documents.

Documents can be further structured and made accessible using  Brands,  Categories (link coming soon) and  Tags (link coming soon). Through appropriate  Country and language settings (link coming soon) documents can also be limited to their respective markets and customer groups.

The requirements regarding PDF-files in OXOMI can be found here:  PDF guidelines.