Intended use

Videos are a popular and efficient medium to transport advertising and marketing messages, as well as useful information of various kinds - for example product information and application possibilities can be presented outstandingly with videos.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever to reach a large audience, so that the production of videos becomes more and more profitable. Therefore you can see more and more different types of videos with different purposes nowadays – including classic advertising, news, installation and application instructions.

Marketing managers are faced with the question: How do I reach my target audience with my videos?

For most the answer is simple: upload to YouTube and quickly spread the link. But is that always useful? Distributing videos with OXOMI has some advantages for you and your brand.

In OXOMI you know exactly the setting where your video will be presented - this means no cat or music videos that are linked directly to yours. In addition, you can be sure that your video is accessible to everyone because many large companies have blocked websites like YouTube in their network to avoid distractions.

Usage of OXOMI

Concerning the presentation on different end devices, OXOMI is just as excellent as other platforms – no matter what screen size, OXOMI plays videos in brilliant HD resolution.

Furthermore, OXOMI provides opportunities that are not available anywhere else. You can, of course, use the proven rights management of OXOMI to control who gets access to which video. It is also very useful to tag videos or to link them directly to item numbers, so they can be retrieved via the OXOMI Infoplay interface, which then not only displays the catalog page of the item, but also the appropriate product video - a great service for customers in the online shop or on the respective website.

Notes on the service plan

It is always possible to upload video files - your booked service plan determines the limit.

If you also want to use videos you have uploaded or which are provided for you through a partnership, you need either the "Access Everything" or the "Access Videos" upgrade(already included in the enterprise plan). This allows you to integrate videos into your websites or web applications.

How to provide videos via OXOMI is described in detail in the following sub-chapters: