Noodle is a statically typed and compiled language which tries to resemble Java as much as possible. Note however, that some simplifications are present.

Noodle supports the following expressions:

  • Atoms like numbers, Strings or boolean values: 42, "Hello", true
  • Class literals to reference a Java-Class: Strings.class
  • Lambda expressions are supported, but use a simpler syntax than Java: | arg1, arg2 | { arg1 + arg2 }
  • Common boolean and numeric operations are supported: 3 + 4 or a && b
  • Method calls: "test".toUpperCase() or Strings.isEmpty("test")
  • Macro calls: isEmpty("test"). All available macros are listed here: Tagliatelle Tag Overview.
  • If statements: if (condition) { statements; }
  • For statements: for (Type variable : iterable) { loop-statements; }
  • Return statements: return expression

Noodle supports line comments, starting with // and block comments wrapped in /* and */.

Special Syntax and Semantics

In contrast to Java == will invoke equals instead of checking for object identity. Therefore, this can be used for Strings directly.

Noodle will deduce the types as much as possible. If however a type check or a cast becomes necessary, the functions and can be used to check for or cast to the given type.

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