Accept or reject a partnership

Partnerships form the basis for importing content into portals. In order to completely close a valid partnership, the respective partnership request or offer must be accepted by the relevant potential partner.

If you are the desired partner, you have the possibility to either accept or reject a partnership request or an offer. Both functions can be found in the "All Partnerships" interface, which you can reach via the "Partner" item in the main navigation.

Overview "Pending partnerships"

On the left side of the sub navigation, select the "Pending partnerships" overview to see all your pending partnerships. By clicking on the links "Confirm" or "Reject" the corresponding function is executed.

Accept or reject a partnership

Details page "Pending partnership"

If you would like to see more information about one of the pending partnerships, please click on the name of your potential future partner, marked as a link. By clicking on this link, you will land on a detail page of this still pending partnership.

Here you also have the possibility to accept or confirm the still open partnership. Furthermore, you can set the first configurations that are valid for the later active partnership.

Partnership details

If you decide to confirm the partnership, your new partner may import content into his portals. You and your partner have the possibility to make settings about which content should be passed on or imported.

If you decide to reject the partnership, you will be asked to provide a short explanation. This is intended to help the initiator make your decision more transparent and eliminate unnecessary questions. In this case, you must be aware that access to content is not possible.

Messages dialog

In the "Messages" section at the bottom of the page, you have the option to send messages to your future partner. This gives you the opportunity to interact with him, for example, if there are still questions about the pending partnership. The recipient is informed by the system via e-mail and can then contact you with the same function. Your dialogue is always visible here and is comprehensible for all parties involved.