First steps for integration partners

We are delighted that you are interested in OXOMI and its incorporation into your systems. To make sure that you’re off to a successful start with our JavaScript integration, we put together a summary that serves as a brief beginners guide to the OXOMI help system.

What are the benefits of OXOMI?

Head to our Example Section to get an overview of all of OXOMI’s functions. Apart from the outlined functions, you’ll also find some live examples of our customers (on the bottom left) that serve as inspiration.

Ways of integration

No matter how you choose to communicate with OXOMI, the primary step is the authentication. We offer you a method that allows you to authenticate users via your system without a second authentication through OXOMI. To learn more about this, go to the section Authentication.

Some of OXOMI’s functions can be accessed directly via our public API. Here, you can call REST services (URL + parameters), which provide you with JSON or XML results. To learn more about all our API features, head to the section Public API.

Most functions are accessed through our JavaScript components. These take care of the entire server communication and will also display the results for you. Everything can be adjusted and extended according to your needs. To find out how your HTML-based site is incorporated, head to the section JavaScript principles.

Please note: The demonstration portal, which we use in our examples and which you can use for testing purposes, is publicly available. Therefore, there’s no need for any sort of authentication here.

Demonstration Videos

The easiest way to learn how to incorporate OXOMI is by watching our videos: